Like Yourself Because You Are Special

Things to Like about Yourself to Be Happier

If you are going to be asked if you like yourself? There are many people in the world who do not like their own selves and they are overwhelmed by their insecurities. Here is a guide on how to like yourself more, and hopefully, it can help you overcome the obstacles that you are . . .

Eating Healthy Starting Today

What Are the Benefits of Eating Healthy?

Healthy eating is more about the goal of feeling good and gaining the energy to do your everyday activities through your food intake. There are so many benefits of eating healthy, not to mention it will lighten your mood.


The benefits of eating healthy include helping you avoid health p . . .

Persistence: Do Not Give Up

Importance of Persistence to People

Persistence is one of the traits that successful people have in common. All your talent and skills are not complete without persistence. In this modern time when all the questions that we seek have instant answers, it is easier for us to do certain tasks and achieve our goals, but the downside is that we . . .

The Benefits of Hiking and Walking as Exercise

Hiking and Walking as Exercise to Lose Weight and to Improve Mind and Body Wellness

Hiking and walking as exercise is steadily getting more popular these days. It’s easy, fun, and free. You get to take in the sights and reap the benefits of exercise. If you’re looking to get fit without getting a gym membership or taking up a new sport, hiking and walk . . .

Gary Slemaker

Gary Slemaker

I attended CSUN in Northridge, California, and Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. I have written a poem that was . . .

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