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It's About Time to Get Up

About the Book

Persistence in doing your best is the key to success. This is the one thing I learned from the first moment I made an attempt to get through the challenge life threw at me. I give my best in all the things that I do, but it does not exempt me from experiencing failures in life. Along the way, I never forgot to bring with me the lessons I learned, and I enjoy and cherish every moment while it lasts. This memoir is full of twists and turns, of sweetness and bitterness, of joy and sadness, of love and conflicts, and of laughs and sorrows. Yet in these glorifying and humbling situations, I realized that to be able to get the most out of life, one must learn when it’s about time to get up.

It's About Time to Get Up

About the Author

I attended CSUN in Northridge, California, and Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. I have written a poem that was chosen and recognized by the International Library of Poetry. For over fifteen years, I provided several analytical screens of data for a daily national business newspaper. It’s About Time to Get Up is my first published book.


My life memories started earlier than most others. The very first awareness that I had of my existence was somewhere between the age of 8 and 11 months old and it was not a pleasant awareness. I have remembered that specific one or two-minute time of my life very vividly to this day. My mother and dad were at home so I suspect that it was a weekend. I found a shiny nickel on the wood floor of our red brick house and naturally as infants do at that age I put it into my mouth. As fate happens, it slipped into my throat and became lodged. I can still feel and remember how I was gagging so strongly one after another and not able to breathe with something sharp and hard stuck in my throat. I remember hearing my mom and dad’s frantic voices in the background and suddenly, I was upside down and being shook forcefully. My dad had picked me up by my feet and was shaking me downward with an abrupt motion. I remember then hearing a beautiful sound of something hard hitting the wood floor and bounce and roll and then the immediate relief of being able to breathe and no more gagging. I associated that bounce sound with something that was good for me. This was a serious event at the beginning of my life that could have gone either way and the decision was made that I would be saved. It seems that my time was not over and I was still needed to accomplish something meaningful in my life? This was sign number one of being saved. This incident with my dad and mom gave me a subliminal message that if you try hard enough you can succeed. Why though my sister Louise? Why did she have to die?

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